Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District Providing Pollution Avoidance

Spring will soon be arriving and of course, we always look forward to the typical spring rains that provide recharge to our aquifer. However, the springtime can also be a time for potential harm to our groundwater. The danger is aquifer pollution caused by open abandoned water wells. In addition to being illegal, these abandoned wells are especially vulnerable to pollution because they are often located in low lying areas where they can be inundated by rainwater. Any undesirable materials near these wells may be washed into the aquifer, tainting the water source that many of us share.

The Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (MTGCD) will assist well owners with the proper plugging of abandoned wells, or with capping open wells that still have the potential for future use.

There is no charge for the work involved; however, we do require that the owner be present at the time the work is performed.

Additionally, the MTGCD recommends that users of water wells have their water tested every two years to make certain that the water quality is good. A sample is taken and then brought back to the MTGCD test lab for incubation and reagent tests that will indicate the chemical characteristics of the water and ascertain if any coliform bacteria is present. There is no charge for this testing for wells registered with the District.

For assistance with well plugging, capping, or to have your water tested, call MTGCD at 254-965-6705. Wells must be located within the District in Comanche, Erath, Bosque or Coryell Counties. Additional information about MTGCD may be found at www.middletrinitygcd.org.