Collaborative Effort

The Impact Program is part of an envision that clean water can be available to everyone.

Ryan Beltran of Elequa -, has developed this program to empower students with a simplistic water treatment kit and a challenge to discover ways to provide a cost effective treatment center that can be adapted for multiple purposes.

The research and discoveries made by the student researchers is compiled during the summer season. The information is used to make advancements to the kits and further more research.

The program

The program is broken down in to seasons. Each school semester is considered to be season cycle. We are currently in Season 3. Teams of students are chosen to take on a challenge that they have developed. They research, document, explore, and collaborate to find a solution. The information gathered is then shared with other teams and the Make Water non-profit organization.


Why MTGCD Has Joined the efforts

Education Coordinator, Stephanie Keith, stumbled upon this effort through

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