In-House Well Water Testing

Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District offers one free well water test per year for all registered well owners residing within the District.  

*Note:  We are not a certified lab.  For a list of certified labs click here.

What do we test for?



Nitrates & Nitrites

Hydrogen Sulfide

Total Dissolved Solids - Salinity

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Who performs the testing?

Field Technician, Johnny Wells, will personally collect and test each sample to ensure accurate results. 

Results will be reported within 24 hours of collection.

Scheduling a water test

  1. Contact our office: 254-965-6705

  2. Well registration verification

    1. If your well has not been registered, we will take care of that for you at that time.

  3. Schedule a well water test with the field technician.

  4. Well water samples are only collected Monday - Thursday due to the nature of the tests.

Free Well Capping & Plugging

Before and After Capping - Alluvial Well.jpg