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Upcoming Events

  • January 29-30, 2018:  TAGD Board Meeting/Groundwater Educational Outreach Collaborative Meeting
  • February 2, 2018:  Dublin 5th Grade - Water Cycle!
  • February 13, 2018:  Groundwater Educational Outreach Collaborative Meeting

4-H Water Ambassador Program

During the recent January Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District Board Meeting, Stephanie Keith introduced Texas A&M AgriLife Extension’s 4-H20 Program Coordinator, David Smith, to present the up and coming 4-H Water Ambassador Program.  As a District, everyone is thrilled about the progressive work that has been exemplified thus far by the first group of participants.  What a fantastic opportunity for high school aged students to become involved with the rising issue of water conservation within their very own communities.  Currently, the counties within the Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District are not represented by an ambassador.  We would like to share the program details in an effort to promote this opportunity to our local high school students. 

MTGCD Educational Opportunities

Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District offers various educational opportunities through our available resources and presentation line up.  For all schools within our District, we offer FREE TEKS based curriculum resources and in-class presentations featuring our Aquifer Model.  

To learn more about our educational opportunities check out the links below or contact education coordinator, Stephanie Keith.

Student Education


Major Rivers

"Major Rivers is designed to help 4th-5th grade students learn about Texas' major water resources, how water is treated & delivered to their homes & schools, & how to care for their water resources & use them wisely." (TWDB) All of these topics are covered in 8 hands-on lessons, that include a variety of activities in science, math, language arts, & social studies.  


Raising your water iq

"In this curriculum, water conservation messages & concepts stem from core academic standards detailed in the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS).  These hands-on activities engage student interest in learning through our natural affinity for water." (TWBD)  

Water exploration

"Water Exploration is the TWDB web-based education program for Texas high school students. This program uses a project-based learning approach which challenges students to conduct research and build understanding about water science and critical water-related issues." (TWBD)