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Stephanie Keith

I love creative education! Before I became the education coordinator for MTGCD, I had the privilege of teaching 3rd & 5th grade students. My students and I developed a successful campus wide recycling program and I also had the privilege of coaching the intermediate robotics team!

Aside from teaching students I love to help teachers by providing creative lessons that will inspire students to dive deep into concepts through hands-on experiences. My goal for every lesson is to spark student interest for the magical water world.

I ensure that all activities and lessons are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge Standards and promote critical thinking skills through STEM like investigations.

MTGCD is accredited through Texas Environmental Education Advisory Committee & Texas Education Agency.


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Education Coordinator, Stephanie Keith, would love the opportunity to setup an in-class presentation specifically designed for your class or group.  We offer various presentations that are educational and hands-on for all ages.  

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Educational Program Options


In-Class Presentations

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Aquifer Model

The model offers students a bird's eye view of how the water cycle and groundwater interact with each other from the clouds down to the aquifer.  This aquifer model provides multiple opportunities for various discussions about porosity, permeability, run-off, pollution, and many more. 

Approximately 45 - 60 minutes.



Stream Table

The stream table can be used for multiple grade levels and topics.  Students will observe weathering, erosion, deposition, delta formation, flood plain, and land formation to name a few.  The table provides opportunities for various discussion topics related to human impact, conservation, pollution, and effects of erosion.  The stream table is usually paired with a skittle weathering & erosion experiment.         

Approximately 45 minutes.



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Build Your Own Aquifer

Students will have the opportunity to discuss a water pollution scenario that could potentially harm their city's water source and aquifer.  They will work in groups to construct an aquifer and discuss each layer as they build.  To conclude this activity, students will test their aquifer to determine if their water source was polluted or if they saved their city.  This activity is targeted for junior high - high school students.


Approximately 30-45 minutes.


Curriculum Options

We are pleased to offer multiple TEKS based curriculum options for all grade levels, free of charge, to any school within our district.  Each set of curriculum features in-depth, hands on activities to aid students in understanding our intricate water system and the importance of conserving it.  For more information contact, Stephanie Keith.


MTGCD Curriculum Options

Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District offers various educational opportunities for all schools within our District.  We offer FREE TEKS based curriculum resources and in-class presentations featuring our Aquifer Model.  

To learn more about our educational opportunities check out the links below or contact education coordinator, Stephanie Keith.

Student Education


Major Rivers

"Major Rivers is designed to help 4th-5th grade students learn about Texas' major water resources, how water is treated & delivered to their homes & schools, & how to care for their water resources & use them wisely." (TWDB) All of these topics are covered in 8 hands-on lessons, that include a variety of activities in science, math, language arts, & social studies.  


Raising your water iq

"In this curriculum, water conservation messages & concepts stem from core academic standards detailed in the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS).  These hands-on activities engage student interest in learning through our natural affinity for water." (TWBD)  

Water exploration

"Water Exploration is the TWDB web-based education program for Texas high school students. This program uses a project-based learning approach which challenges students to conduct research and build understanding about water science and critical water-related issues." (TWBD)


Adult Education Programs

Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District is pleased to offer various education programs for adults.

Realtor Workshop

Specialized workshops for realtor groups that focus on

  • Basic Groundwater Information
  • Process of well registration or ownership transfer
  • Middle Trinity GCD website training
    • Learn to utilize useful tool on our public map
  • District Services
  • FAQ's

Local Civil Organizations

Looking for an out-of-the-box presentation for your Lion's Club or Rotary meeting?  Call and schedule a presentation with us today!  Learn about what Middle Trinity GCD has to offer and how we can help your community through groundwater education.  

*Hands-on activities available!


Master Naturalist/Master Gardner

We would love to partner with you or your group for special training, presentations, or work-day activities! 


What is project wet?

Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

Recognized world-wide

Devoted to water education for all ages

Project WET Mission

Project WET’s mission is to reach children, parents, teachers and community members of the world with water education that promotes awareness of water and empowers community action to solve complex water issues.

Why are we so excited out this project?

Project WET offers a vast array of water education resources appropriate for all age levels.  Each one is specifically focused on reaching all audiences with objective, experimental, science-based water education.  The goal is to empower action education within communities and schools to spread awareness for one of our precious resources. 

Recently, education coordinator, Stephanie Keith became a certified Project WET facilitator!  What does this mean for you?  It means that we now can offer a more diverse educational program and tailor each presentation/program to suit your needs even more.   

Want to become a Project WET Educator?

Different workshop options are available.