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Mtgcd Well Registration form

Form Download

Need help?  Take a look at this form breakdown here.

Use this form if:

  • Registering existing wells

  • Registering a new well

  • Registering a replacement well

  • Transferring ownership of existing well

*This application must be submitted with an operating permit...If you are registering a well estimated to pump greater than 17 gallons per minute AND/OR is located on less than 10 acres of land, unless platted prior to forming of the District.  (See District Rule 5.4 (A) (B))  

Operating Permit Application

Application Download

Use This Form to Apply for a Permit to Drill If:

  • The well is estimated to pump more than 17 gallons per minute

  • On 10 acres or LESS, unless platted prior to District formation (See District Rule 5.4 (A) (B))

  • Form must be completed and submitted with a complete Well Registration Form.

  • A refundable $200.00 deposit is due at the time of application submission. The deposit will be refunded to you within 30 days of Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District's receipt of the state driller's report.

Note:  This permit is subject to approval by the board of directors.  No well may be drilled until approved.  This permit must be notarized and meet date sensitive timelines.  Notary service is available at our office located in Stephenville, Texas.  

Realtor Notice Form

Form Download

For any questions regarding Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District forms, rules, and regulations please contact us, 254-965-6705!  We would be glad to assist you!