Our History

The Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (MTGCD) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas.  The stated objectives of the District are to preserve, conserve, and protect the groundwater resources of Erath, Comanche, Bosque, and Coryell counties.  The District's Management Plan, updated and approved by the Texas Water Development Board in May 2012, is the "road map" used in meeting these objectives.  In implementing its Management Plan, MTGCD utilizes statutory authorities provided and mandated by Chapter 36 of the Texas Water Code coupled with policy making and oversight by the locally elected Board of Directors.  Activities performed by the District include, but are not limited to, registration and permitting of all existing water wells, registration and permitting of new water wells, identification and plugging of abandoned water wells, well level monitoring, and educating the public on the importance of water conservation.

The annual budget is the fundamental element of MTGCD's financial planning and control.  The General Manager, and his staff, after reviewing historic expenses and analyzing projected revenues and expenses, develops a proposed budget.  This budget is presented to the Board of Directors in July and August.  The budget is modified and adopted by the Directors no later than September 30th to allow for the timely adoption of an annual tax rate.  Budget-to-actual comparisons and itemized disbursements are presented to the Board at each monthly board meeting.  

During 2016 review period, the MTGCD expended considerable resources to the effort of establishing Desired Future Conditions (DFCs) for the Trinity Aquifer.  DFCs are required by statute and are a statement of how the District believes the Aquifer should look fifty years from now.  The MTGCD states its DFCs as the amount of allowable drawdown over the planning period.  Resources used by MTGCD in this process include, but are not limited to, the General Manager's involvement in joint planning and consultation from the District's attorneys and professional hydrologists.  

The MTGCD Board of Directors holds regular monthly meetings and permit hearings on the first Thursday of each month at 1:00pm.  The public is encouraged to attend.  The board meeting and permit hearing notices and agendas are posted on the door of the MTGCD office and on the District's website.  The District's office is located at 930 Wolfe Nursery Road in Stephenville, Texas.